Friday, September 4, 2009

Kodak acquires Bell + Howell scanner division


Last week, Kodak announced that it has completed the acquisition of the scanner division of BÖWE BELL + HOWELL. The initial announcement was made at the begining of this year. They were expecting to finish the deal by the end of first quarter and it took more than expected. Still the financial terms are not disclosed.

Having experienced scanners from both manufacturers this is an exciting news for me. As we know Kodak, a pioneer in document imaging introduced number of innovative models and features (such as straight path paper handling, perfect page scanning, detachable flatbed etc...) On the other hand B&H has a good reputation for high speed, robust scanner models. So we can expect more exciting products as a result of the combined stength of two organisations.

I am eager to see what Fujitsu, another leader in document imaging would do in return. Thinking

Read the press release here

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