Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Here I am, started blogging at last. I will be writing here about document management; technical as well as managerial aspects.

Why I wanted to write about document managment ? Due to several reasons. First becasue I love this industry and enjoys so much the new chanllenges it brings on each day. Second is the fact that this is still a growing (yes, growing very fast) industry, especaiily in this part of the world. So I will contribute as much as I can, towards it's development. Also I will use this as a log book, if not as a diary.

I am not an experienced blogger, this is my first such experience. I will try to keep it interesting as much as possible. You are welcome to correct me and make suggestions and contributions.

Let us see how it goes;:-)

Bye for now
amila hendahewa

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  1. Really Appreciated to you for this post